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Remodeling Projects that will Add Value

by Jessica Wormeck November 14, 2010
Are you thinking of remodeling your home before putting it on the market? Find out what projects yield the highest return on your investment. [More]

Steps to a Successful Home Purchase

by Jessica Wormeck November 1, 2010
Buying home is a complex, important decision. Following these steps will ensure a successful purchase of your dream home! [More]

Walk-Through Day

by Jessica Wormeck October 15, 2010
Your walk-through is your opportunity to make sure all of the terms that went into the contract have been met and that the property is in the condition agreed to. [More]

Fall Maintenance Checklist

by Jessica Wormeck October 15, 2010
Autumn is the time for some important maintenance projects to prevent structural damage, conserve energy and keep your home's systems running properly. [More]

Smoke Alarm Protection

by Jessica Wormeck October 1, 2010
Smoke alarms save lives. But you need to make sure they are working. Well maintained smoke alarms can cut the risk of dying in a reported fire in half. [More]

A Real Estate Paperwork Primer

by Jessica Wormeck September 24, 2010
Along with a great new home, you also just bought a giant stack of papers documenting your purchase. It can be overwhelming if you don't know what all of these papers are for and which ones are important to keep. [More]


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Are You Ready for an Emergency?

by Jessica Wormeck September 17, 2010
September is designated as National Preparedness Month. Are you prepared to keep your family safe? Take easy steps to prepare for emergencies. [More]

Holding a Successful Garage Sale

by Jessica Wormeck August 27, 2010
Garage sales are a greate way to de-clutter your home prior to putting it on the market or before a move. You can also make a little cash in the process! [More]