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Moving with your pet

by Jessica Wormeck March 18, 2012

Pets, like people, thrive on routine, and a move can be stressful for them just as it might be for an adult or child. While it’s easy to remember the importance of making a move as stress free as possible for the human members of your family, it is equally important to also consider your pets so they feel protected, loved and cared for during the transition to their new home.

Here are some tips for making a successful move with your pet:

  • Keep routines consistent no matter how busy you are during the move. This includes maintaining meal times and taking walks at the same time as you would on a typical day.
  • Find a pet sitter or take your pet to a kennel on moving day when the doors to your home will be open. This will help ensure your pet remains safe. If this is not possible, at the very least be sure to confine your pet to one room, a crate or a fenced-in yard while movers are going in and out.
  • If your move is a long distance one, pack a “doggy bag” for the car ride. By bringing a water dish, food, treats, a well-loved blanket and other supplies, your pet will feel comfortable and safe, even in new places.
  • Set up your pet’s area as soon as you arrive at your new home so he or she can get used to the new surroundings. Resume your typical routine as quickly as possible and spend a little extra time loving on your furry friend.